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  • Serious redSerious red
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What makes us different

The templates above are replica from sites created for real clients. You are benefiting from the result of the creative and exploration phases that we undergo with live use cases. Usually templates from sitebuilders are filled with sample text, imagery and navigation to illustrate the formatting, but they create a fake filling for what a site would look like. We are going away from stock libraries, all the photos and text are functional. They came after our clients and we reviewed, and compared, and try to outdo the best on the net for the particular case. Have you heard the expression – I want a site like this? It is hard to recognize yourself if the templates containing lorem ipsum and general impotent pictorial material. We think the taste of the user has outgrown the anonymity of the thousands of versatile templates and that is why we are offering few but real ones. Their number will grow exponentially with your participation.

See something you like – go for it

You have to choose based on your attraction to the overall idea for your new website. The templates above each have color scheme + content, and a set of modules. After you open an account and choose a template you can modify the color scheme, choose another, and add/remove modules. Changing the color scheme is absolutely safe at any time of your work on the site. Turning modules on and off will loose the content on the special pages and page elements that come with the particular module. Be aware that not all page elements are cross layout so changing the layout when you are too far ahead with the content on your site is basically not a good practice. When you create an account choose between Basic and Advanced level to hide some of the properties you will most likely not use if you are a novice on the web. You can always switch the levels without loosing anything. Visia sitebuilder is created with two main types of users in focus – the ones that want to create their own site and freelancers or small web design shops that can use Visia website builder as a platform for their clients.